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Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair in Concord, NH

Newly installed garage door opener

You open and close your Concord, NH, garage door about 1,500 times every year. Most garage doors die naturally after about 13,000 openings and closings, which is why we say the average lifespan of a garage door opener is between 10 and 15 years.

Murphy’s Law says if your garage door and its opener are nearing their end, your door will “get stuck” or stop working during a blizzard or a monsoon. If this is the year you need to install a new garage door or opener, don’t wait for an emergency.

The Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Opener

If you think manually opening and closing your garage door is easy, you’re right. And every thief studying your home would agree.

Automatic garage door openers offer security and safety you don’t want to be without. For example, if you’ve ever left a toddler or a dog in the car while you jumped out and opened or shut a gate, you know how fast things could go wrong in your unprotected car.

There also might be a time you’re physically unable to open/shut your garage door manually. It costs more to install a garage door opener later than it does to install it when you install your door.

Security and safety are important advantages. Other benefits of automatic garage door openers include:

  • Comfort: It’s cold, windy and wet outside. Stay warm and dry in your car while entering your warm, dry garage at the press of a button.
  • Energy efficiency: Garage door openers don’t use a lot of electricity.
  • Lighting: Manually raise the garage door, then walk to the wall to flip the light switch, then return to your car while the snow blows into the garage … or simply push a button and the garage door opens and a light comes on.
  • Maintenance: If garage door openers were high maintenance, no one would use them. They’re workhorses that require only minor upkeep.
  • Price: When you consider how garage door openers keep your family and property safe and secure, you’ll realize they’re extremely cost-effective.

Overhead Door Company of Concord’s garage door openers are designed for performance and ease of operation. Why wait?

Call 603-224-2280 to schedule garage door opener installation for your Concord home.

Common Garage Door Opener Repairs

Your automatic garage door opener isn’t something you really think about. Then it stops working, and it’s the only thing you can think about. Machines with moving parts need maintenance, but sometimes even well-maintained equipment fails.

Some of the common problems garage door openers have include:

  • Door won’t open or close all the way: It could be a roller or track problem, but it might be a sensor failure.
  • Garage door won’t work in cold weather: This shouldn’t happen with regular garage door maintenance. It’s either a roller problem or an issue with the unit’s sensitivity adjustment.
  • Wall switch & remote won’t work: Check to ensure the unit is securely plugged in at its outlet. Then check other garage electrical switches to see if they work. You may need to reset the circuit breaker (if this keeps happening, contact your electrician). If everything checks out, contact your garage door opener company for repair.
  • Wireless remote or keypad won’t work: You may be too far out of range. Most garage door openers operate like radios, so make sure the antenna is undamaged. If the door opens/closes fine with the wall button, you may need to replace the battery in the keypad or remote control. If that isn’t the fix, try reprogramming them.

Maybe it’s a minor, fast fix, but if you don’t know, it’s best to find out. We repair all makes and models of garage door openers in Merrimack County.

Trust the Team at Overhead Door Company of Concord

Trying to install or repair a new garage door opener yourself isn’t just a bad idea — it can be dangerous. If property damage (or worse) occurs due to a DIY installation, your insurance company can deny coverage.

Since 1921, Overhead Door Company of Concord has been the reputable, responsible name for garage doors and garage door openers. We’re the number one choice for New Hampshire contractors and homeowners. Find out why.

Superior quality of work, customer care and honest service are standard with our company.

Call 603-224-2280 to schedule garage door opener repair in Concord, NH.

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