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Insulated Garage Doors

Looking to upgrade your garage door or install one for the first time? You may be considering insulated garage doors — or you’ve at least seen the term and been curious.

Savvy homeowners and business owners know the importance of maintaining good insulation throughout their property to improve energy efficiency, maximize comfort, and avoid other frustrations. Still, it’s easy to overlook your garage door and allow it to become your weakest link.

Overhead Door Company of Concord is glad to present a solution to this problem that doesn’t require awkward or messy after-the-fact solutions, instead building a high degree of insulation directly into your door assembly.

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What Are Insulated Garage Doors?

Insulated garage doors refer to garage doors built with the insulating properties of the assembly in mind. They contain polyurethane or polystyrene cores layered to prevent the passage of heat, air and moisture through the structure.

They also include high-quality thermal sealing along the edges where drafts might pass through, and high-quality structural and aesthetic materials all combined tightly to create a total package that will keep the outdoor air outdoors and the conditioned air indoors.

Some might completely forgo windows and similar compromises to the structure that could lower the R-value.

What Is R-Value for My Garage Door?

R-value is the effectiveness of a building material or assembly in stopping the flow of heat energy through itself. Different parts of your home need different R-values, as do different parts of the country.

For example, your attic in a cold part of the country might need an R-value as high as R60, floors or crawl spaces at R30 and exterior walls (and assemblies like windows, doors and garage doors) at R-values in the R20 range or higher.

An insulated garage door should, at minimum, match the R-value of your other exterior walls.

Who Needs Insulated Garage Doors?

Anyone who wants to keep their garage temperature comfortable when the weather is unpleasant should have an insulated garage door. Still, even those who don’t mind bundling up for the garage should consider the impact on the rest of their home.

Suppose your home is heavily insulated between the garage and the body of your home, including the door between your garage and house. In that case, you might be able to skimp on insulating the garage’s exterior — though this can have unexpected consequences.

The unmanaged garage can quickly damage anything stored in it, become host to bugs and other pests and generally become a nuisance.

Wondering if you’d benefit from an insulated garage door? Contact our team at (603) 451-2047 to find out from the experts.

Benefits of Upgrading to an Insulated Door

If you don’t already own a well-insulated garage door, you stand to gain a lot from investing in an upgrade — far beyond a garage that’s a little more comfortable in the winter and summer.

Benefits include:

  • Better HVAC energy efficiency, resulting in lower bills
  • Less draftiness and temperature fluctuation in rooms adjacent to your garage
  • Less damage to property stored in your garage
  • Reduced risk of pests, mold and pollution entering your home through your garage
  • Minimized noise coming into your garage from outside and noise from your garage going out to bother your neighbors
  • Improved property value
  • Comfortably use your garage as a workshop throughout the year

Choose Overhead Door Company of Concord for Your Insulated Garage Door Needs

When you’re ready to learn more about insulated garage doors and other garage door products and services, let the expert team at Overhead Door Company of Concord help.

We’re the favored choice of contractors and homeowners in the area for good reason, doing business with integrity, knowledge and excellent service.

Call (603) 451-2047 or contact us today to learn more or request an estimate for an insulated garage door in the Concord area.

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