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How To Troubleshoot a Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors can make all kinds of noises, some of which can indicate that something is wrong. From screeching to banging or clanking, noisy garage doors are disruptive and frustrating. Plus, a broken garage door can trap your car inside.

Technician repairing a garage door while standing on a ladder.

If you want to troubleshoot your garage door before calling a professional, we have some practical tips on repairing simple problems with your garage door.

6 Ways To Troubleshoot a Noisy Garage Door

It’s possible to self-diagnose and troubleshoot a noisy garage door. It takes a few tools and some persistence. Troubleshooting a garage door can be dangerous, so always keep safety in mind and have a friend help.

Some troubleshooting tips for a garage door include:

  • Check the nuts & bolts: If your garage door is rattling, you might have loose connections or missing bolts. Use a wrench and socket set to tighten the bolts and replace any missing ones. Do not adjust any springs, as they’re high-tension and can cause serious, or even fatal, injuries.
  • Inspect the rollers: The rollers for your garage door can wear down and slip out of alignment. If you hear squeaking, screeching or vibrating noises, your rollers might be damaged or loose. You can replace the rollers to get your door working again.
  • Lubricate the moving parts: Sometimes, loud noises from your garage come from poor lubrication. Use a garage door lubricant on all moving parts and see if that solves the noise issue.
    Note: Do not lubricate the nylon or plastic parts of the components, as it will degrade the plastic on some doors.
  • Check the door’s alignment: Accompanied by scraping or banging noises, an off-balance door means it’s off the tracks. You’ll also see that the door is uneven. Try turning off the power to the door, lifting it and then releasing it slowly. If it slams shut or slips, promptly call a professional.
  • Install new hinges: If your hinges are squeaky or rusty, you can replace them. Check the hinge number on the part and buy the same type at the hardware store.
  • Check the opener motor: If the garage door opener makes noises, it could mean the motor is dying. It may also fail to open the door and move slowly. Consider replacing it with a newer model for a more efficient garage door.

When To Call a Professional About a Noisy Garage Door

If you feel unsafe while working on your garage door, call a professional. They have the proper tools and experience to repair it safely and effectively. Some parts of a garage door are very dangerous if you aren’t experienced in repairs.

If you tried the troubleshooting steps for your garage door and it’s still noisy, a professional garage door company can diagnose and repair the problems. With the right knowledge, a broken garage door can be repaired quickly.

For homeowners with noisy garage doors near Concord, NH, consider calling Overhead Door Company of Concord. We can repair and perform regular maintenance on your garage door to keep it in good condition. We have over 50 years of experience in the industry, and you’ll get the best customer service and high-quality products.

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